A bot that changes Discord voice server regions via commands

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This is a quick-and-dirty implementation of a bot that allows you to easily change voice server region with commands.
Only reason this exists is because the Europe servers always die, so I needed something that required the least amount of clicking.

The bot requires, at minimum, Manage Server permission to change the server regions.

Add to your server

You have two choices:


For self-hosting


The following server members can use the command(s):

Keep in mind that commands will only work inside a text channel on the server.
Sending the bot a direct message will not work.

Display current server region


@Decicus, Current server region: US East

Change server

!v region-id

Use region command aliases instead

&use => us-east
&usw => us-west
&usc => us-central
&uss => us-south
&eu => europe
&ru => russia
&sy => sydney
&in => india
&ja => japan

List available regions


Example response

@Decicus, Available regions - 'Region name [Region ID]':
- Central Europe [eu-central] [Deprecated!]
- India [india]
- London [london] [Deprecated!]
- Japan [japan]
- Amsterdam [amsterdam] [Deprecated!]
- Brazil [brazil]
- US West [us-west]
- Hong Kong [hongkong]
- South Africa [southafrica]
- Sydney [sydney]
- Europe [europe]
- Singapore [singapore]
- US Central [us-central]
- Western Europe [eu-west] [Deprecated!]
- Dubai [dubai] [Deprecated!]
- US South [us-south]
- US East [us-east]
- Frankfurt [frankfurt] [Deprecated!]
- Russia [russia]

Usage => !v region-id