A bot that changes Discord voice server regions via commands

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This is a quick-and-dirty implementation of a bot that allows you to easily change voice server region with commands.
Only reason this exists is because the Europe servers always die, so I needed something that required the least amount of clicking.

The bot requires, at minimum, Manage Channels permission to change the voice channel regions.

Add to your server

You have two choices:


For self-hosting


If the configuration option Discord.allowEveryoneToMoveRegion is set to false (default), then the following server members can use the commands:

If the configuration option Discord.allowEveryoneToMoveRegion is set to true, then everyone can use the commands - regardless of server permissions.

For public servers, I recommend leaving Discord.allowEveryoneToMoveRegion to false.

Keep in mind that commands will only work inside a text channel on the server.
Sending the bot a direct message will not work.

The user running the command will also need to be connected to the voice channel they would like to change regions for.
In the future the bot will allow typing part of the channel name, as long as the “part” matches only one channel, but the initial 2.0.0 release will only work if you’re connected to a voice channel.

Display current server region


@Decicus, Current server region: US East

Change server

!v region-id

Use region command aliases instead


@Decicus, Voice region updated to: us-east

List of region command aliases

&use => us-east
&usw => us-west
&usc => us-central
&uss => us-south
&eu => europe
&sg => singapore
&br => brazil
&hk => hongkong
&ru => russia
&sy => sydney
&au => sydney
&in => india
&ja => japan
&jp => japan
&auto => "Automatic"

List available regions


Example response

@Decicus, Available regions - 'Region name [Region ID]':
- US West [us-west]
- US East [us-east]
- US Central [us-central]
- US South [us-south]
- Singapore [singapore]
- South Africa [southafrica]
- Sydney [sydney]
- Europe [europe]
- Brazil [brazil]
- Hong Kong [hongkong]
- Russia [russia]
- Japan [japan]
- India [india]
- Dubai [dubai] [Deprecated!]
- Atlanta [atlanta] [Deprecated!]
- Amsterdam [amsterdam] [Deprecated!]
- London [london] [Deprecated!]
- Frankfurt [frankfurt] [Deprecated!]
- Central Europe [eu-central] [Deprecated!]
- Western Europe [eu-west] [Deprecated!]

Usage => !v region-id